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about this? you look what they did and the syria war, in which was they had in 2006, you never heard word one about it before they did it. why are they vocal about this? there's three reasons why they have been so vocal. one, it was designed to motivate the rest of the world, and i think, by the way, if you, you know, we know from our emphasis regarding the idea that the europeans would have adopted the sanctions they did like a boycott on iranian oil if they didn't they the alternative was they would strike voluntarily, and to think that would have happened without the israeli, quote, motivation," is not realistic. the second reason they do it is because they are getting the world ready not to be surprised. if diplomacy fails, and the third reason is to get the public ready. that reflecting their reality, but in answer to the question, we've, you know, you've -- we've not had conversations with others that i'm aware of that would deal with that, but i note for you that david cameron made statements saying, you know, also repeated the words "all options on the table," we want deploam
to universities. they focus on the violence and syria and the challenges each jet phases going forward. this is about an hour. >> good morning. i am bill clifford, president and ceo of world boston. as we head into the ultimate panel, assessing the aftermath of the arabs bring, please allow me to think todd culpeper, president and ceo of the world affairs council of america, his crack staff, national council chair, lori murray, and our many sponsors for this significantly stimulating conference thus far. [applause] like america, i am awash in debt it is time to make good on those obligations to each year on the panel, who i'm honored to present. i have had the pleasure of hearing at dozens of universities in the boston area. i am telling you a way overdue invitation to our counsel downtown. the professor is a senior fellow at the sovran center at brookings institution, a distinguished former adviser to my current adviser to many government agencies, u.s. leaders, and diplomats, and a prolific and best-selling author let me quote from the top of his website at the university of maryland
, a courageous fight made her a target. tens of thousands are urging peace for the young girl. one of syria's main opposition groups, the national council has elected a new leader. he vowed to work with others to accelerate the fall of what he calls a criminal regime. united nations says a 11,000 refugees have fled syria in 24 hours. >> aid agencies are warning it could be a catastrophe in syria. in the last few hours, the numbers fleeing have increased dramatically. >> in the last 24 hours alone, we have received 11,000 refugees have fled to neighboring countries. this is the highest number we have received so far, and it is one of the highest we have had for quite some time. >> 2.5 million people need aid, but many are receiving nothing. the relief operation is hampered by violence, a lack of funds and a lack of staff. the conflict is spreading. the u.s. expects the numbers to rise to 4 million by the start of next year. >> the solution is in the hands of politicians. they exclusively are of a political nature. >> agencies are stressing they can't be the answer for people to receive any g
war. >> reporter: the war in syria is spilling across the border into turkey, the nervous turkey soldiers worry as it continues between the government troops. here, armed syria rebels operate just a few hundred yards away from turkish guards, hundreds fleeing to turkey. more than 8,000 refugees entered the area, they say, in a single day. we're carefully monitoring the situation, the official tells the journalists. there were two more wounded today. it is easy to see how this happened when you look at the map. residents describe the syria town as basically one city, divided only by a fence. the rebels launched an attack to capture the syria side of the border, early this morning, firing rockets and battling street to street. surrender, bashar al-assad wouldn't save you, they yell to tro troops. surrender, and you will get safety. on friday, rebels claimed victory over government forces and made video of captured troops, as proof. across the border in turkey, few people were celebrating. at a turkish hospital, residents and police ran for cover, when bullets from syria whistled ov
release, he will n be allowed flyr board any plane without permission. in syria, the tide of refugees dramatically increased in the last 24 hours to 11,000. many were escaping from ras al- ayn, a key border town where government forces and rebels are engaged in heavy fighting. the u.n.'s humanitarian agency said today that most of the refugees fled to nearby turkey. in all, some 120,000 syrians are now living there in camps. still, president bashar assad told russian tv he has no regrets about his actions to crush the rebels, and he insisted it is not a "civil war." >>> it's not about the conciliation between the syrians and syria, don't have-- it's about terrorism and support coming from abroad for terrorists to destabilize syria. this is our war. >> sreenivasan: meanwhile, a report in "the new york times" depicted declining public support in syria for the rebels. the "times" said syrian civilians are increasingly frustrated with the anti-assad forces over unnecessary destruction and criminal behavior. the u.s. navhas reprimanded seven active duty members of seal team six, including
're escaping. a market in eastern syria was apparently hit by a mortar. at least 15 people were killed there. syria's dictator, bashar al- adsad, is trying to crush a rebellion that broke out 19 months ago. that jetblue pilot who had a midair meltdown earlier this year was released from federal custody today, but a texas judge ordered clayton osbon not to fly or board an aircraft. back in march, osbon ran through the cabin and ranted about terrorists before being subdued by passengers. in july, he was found not guilty of disrupting a flight crew by .eason of insanity. a bank robbery came to an end in ialifornia today in a dramatic way. a t.v. station helicopter captured the high-speed getaway with police in pursuit. ended in a residential neighborhood 70 miles north of l.a. after a brief standoff, authorities say a man took a shot at the deputies and they heyediately returned fire, killing him. a young man learns the hard way he is no match for a hurricane. teve hartman's "on the road." e road."ext. ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work
opposition. it is seen as increasingly out of touch with the rebels on the ground within syria. the uprising is being fought by a vastly different religious groups, muslims, liberals, kurds, etc. it reflects the syrian society. one-third of the council members are islamists and they are facing criticisms for not being representative enough. the meeting is aimed at breaking the deadlock and forming a political assembly that could represent a unified position. the west has called on all parties to form a viable transitional government that would be ready to take power if/when assaad falls. "still to come, mass protests on the streets of buenos are as. why argentinian was do not want their presidents anymore. >> hundreds of the tibetans have taken the streets in china protesting against human rights violations and calling for the return of their exiled spiritual leader, the dalai lama. the latest demonstrations following a number of incidents in which the tibetans have let themselves on fire in protest of chinese rule. the gunman who killed six people and seriously wounded a u.s. congresswoman
, a subaru. >>> 22 minutes past the hour now. in syria -- rebel fighters advancing on border towns sent an estimated 1 1,000 people fleeing into turkey and jordan. the opposition reports at least 126 people killed across syria in the past 24 hours. some 400,000 syrians now listed or waiting to be listed as refugees. >>> in a bid to strengthen its claim, syrians legitimate future government, the leading opposition group, the syrian national council on friday shuffled its leadership and named a new president. >>> in the kingdom of bahrain, clashes broke out when government forces blocked access to a mosque where a prominent cleric was speaking. a teenager was reported hit by a car and killed while fleeing police. tensions have been high in the country following a series of bombings in the capital. >>> this man ping is expected to be named secretary-general of the party next week. the leader of the communist party typically becomes the country's leader. the change in party leadership occurs every ten years. >>> the attack on a teenage girl in pakistan who wanted to go to school has inspire
sectarianism now coming out of syria and bahrain. saw a survey showing there's higher numbers of egyptians who say shia shouldn't be considered real muslims than there are in iraq, and iraq just went through a sectarian civil war, and most egyptians have probably never seen a shia in their life. so sectarianism, those kinds of things, are also being spread through, through these media channels. >> yeah. i think on, you know, the unification issue, um, i agree that there's diversity, and you will find, you know, libya, tunisia, everywhere else will be focused on issues. only about a third across the board identify with this state as the first choice of identity. and most still identify themselves either muslim or arab first. really it's muslim arab. so you've got, in essence, you know, when you even ask them should the state serve the interests of its citizens or the interest of arabs or muslims, you have a large chunk saying the interest of arabs and muslims, so there is a sense of connectedness even as they focus on the issue. but politically, we're focused on public opinion, this is a revolu
that will be impacted by the nurse strike. >>> in news of the world tonight in syria, about 11,000 people have now fled across the border into turkey. some climbed razor wire fences to escape fighting between rebels and government forces for control of a border town. despite all of this intense fighting. beshard asad told russian television there's no war in his country and he blamed the terrorist on his country. >>> justin we will recollect vi has been introduced as the commissioner. he has been a priest for 20 years, prior to that he was an oil executive. he says he is in favor of women as bishops and won't -- bi-p shop and won't approve to it. >>> the stone is named after previous owner joseph of austria and is said to be a flawless clarity and it can be yours at the christie's office in g earthquake nejings a. just be prepared to pay 25 to 25 miles per hour. >> a sacramentoen man set to lose his job next year is celebrating a change in luck. michael rural made up the numbers. wolf says the campbell soup plant in sacramento which is slated to close next year. he says he will use the money to pay o
personnel of your generation. he dealt with everything from the crisis in syria, to crisis in israel with drone strikes. he has been the front man on all of these issues. >> jennifer: so let's talk first about the -- the whys and the times of this. this is a friday afternoon, some in the far-right press are suspicious that the timing suggests that there was some fear about him testifying relating to benghazi there is an investigation and hearing scheduled for next week. do you think this has to do with that? >> no. he has handled a lot more difficult issues than benghazi. he would have been able to handle that. i think it's a separate issue that somebody needed to take responsibility for the benghazi thing early, someone from the state department but i don't believe they would have him come out like this with an affair. he could have said i'm going to resign because of benghazi. certainly on a friday night you always drop this news in washington on a friday night, bad news like this. >> jennifer: affairs happen all the time. why would he have to resign because of
in syria, about 11,000 people have now fled across the border into turkey. some climbed razor wire fences to escape fighting between rebels and government forces for control of a border town. despite all of this intense fighting. beshard asad told russian television there's no war in his country and he blamed the terrorist on his country. >>> justin we will recollect vi has been introduced as the commissioner. he has been a priest for 20 years, prior to that he was an oil executive. he says he is in favor of women as bishops and won't -- bi-p shop and won't approve to it. >>> the stone is named after previous owner joseph of austria and is said to be a flawless clarity and it can be yours at the christie's office in g earthquake nejings a. just be prepared to pay 25 to 25 miles per hour. >> a sacramentoen man set to lose his job next year is celebrating a change in luck. michael rural made up the numbers. wolf says the campbell soup plant in sacramento which is slated to close next year. he says he will use the money to pay off his bills and invest the rest. >>> tonight the story of sur
of people in southern syria. an anti-government group claims targeted regime forces in daraa, these pictures were uploaded to the internet today. 11,000 refugees have fled syria in the past 24 hours. most of them to turkey. the united nations says it is the biggest exodus in 20 months of civil war. >>> today is malala day around the world. the united nations planned a day of action honoring a 15-year-old malala yousafzai who was shot by militants while pressing for girls' education in pakistan. her father says she's now beginning to walk, to talk, and to read, which is wonderful news. nearly 90,000 people have signed a petition requesting that malala receive the nobel peace prize. >>> and finally, brace yourself, brace yourself for this last story. it's big. justin bieber and selena gomez are a super couple no more. according to e-online they broke up last week after two years of dating. bieber performed at the victoria's secret show this week. he admits to being a little distracted by the models while he was there. to which his friends responded, you think? that is the news. now back to les
they carry on? in the middle of a war whether it's syria afghanistan whatever it might be, in mexico, how do people just go about their business? >> well, i think people don't have a choice. when conflicts erupt in a places that than been peaceful, there is a period of shock. but people understand, hey, i have to go to my job or i have to get water, firewood whatever it is. it is circumstantial. people are forced into living their lives as they need to. >> cenk: when you go back to mexico, and i don't know if you have a sense of time and perspective there, but it certainly appears that it got much worse. did you see that? and why do you think it got so much worse? why do you think people are thrown in vats of acid, etc.? >> you know, over the last four or five years the violence has increased dramatically. i think a lot of that had to do with the militarization of the country. you know basically have federal police and military forces deployed to cities all over the country, and it heated up the area. now you have another group of armed actors contributing to the violence. certainly the poli
a presidential finding and perhaps doesn't and takes arms and men and puts them into syria and this is a very large story and it's right in front of us for the second term. >> boy, this thing will unravel like crazy. thank you ever so much. we appreciate it. >> coming up on youed kudlow, the politics of reaching common sense and common ground on the fiscal cliff. did the gop go wobbly? i say stick to your economic principles. that's next on kudlow. [ female announcer ] e-trade technology can help make you a better investor. our e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report." today we heard from house speaker john boehner. take a listen. >> the purpose of fofrjing a bipartisan agreement that continues to solve the problem, we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> just an hour later this is what president obama had to say. >> i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm o
the statue will reopen for visitors. >> there's new violence in syria as civil war. two suicide car bombs exploded at a military camp in the southern city of dorao. the fighting has forced thousands of syrians to flee to safety in turkey. the new leader of the key rebel group is calling on the international community to support opponents of the government of bashir al assad without conditions. >> today is malala yousufzai day in pakistani. it honors her who was shot and seriously wounded a month ago by the taliban for speak out in favor of education for pakistani girls. pakistan's government will give a cash stipend to more than 3icans. the deadline had between middle of this month. president obama signed the affordable care act in 2010 and it calls for households and businesses to buy a private health plan through insurance exchanges. after the president's re-election house speaker yukon boehner an opponent of the measure described it as a lousy plan. >> after weeks of negotiations contracts between american airlines and 7,000 unionized pilots may fly. the sides
for a check of international stories we're following. two car bombs went off in syria today, killing dozens of soldiers. the suicide attacks took place as syria's leading opposition group is deciding whether to set up a new de facto government in those areas. >> in sri lanka, 27 people are dead. 43 are injured. clashes broke out after authorities started checking the prison for drugs. officials say an investigation will be launched. >>> the church of england has named a former oil executive as the next archbishop. he will be the leader of the world's 77 million anglocans. >> and now to an important update on a young pakistani girl who the taliban shot in the face for standing up for a girl's right to an education. the u.n. has declared today a global day of action for malala. and many in britain are calling for the teen to be nominated for a nobel peace prize. so how is she doing today? here is dan rivers. >> reporter: it is staggering to see malala out of bed with her father looking through some of the thousands of get well cards she's received. it's exactly a month since she was shot at p
, "okay, you have to play a role in iran and syria or whatever, being responsible." domestically, we want them to gain confidence so they don't have to have their foot on their people's neck. most of the time in china you don't know the government's around. just kind of a sort of state of chaos -- >> really? >> and, yeah. >> i mean, not like russia, the soviet union -- >> oh, it's -- >> not that blanket -- >> entirely different. it's most of the time the areas the government cares about, the internet, democratic protest or whatever, taiwan, tibet, they're all over. when it doesn't involve that, you know, you can basically do what you want. you start a business, et cetera. so we want them to allow their people to have more a sort of liberal, normal life, as times goes on, which i -- and the government it's a country becoming more confident with a government that's still sort of nervous antique. it's a dick cheney government with, if not a barack obama, an fdr type nation behind it. here's an illustration. before the olympics, the foreign ministry said, "we're going to have an authorized pr
a run by 2013. >> still ahead there is multiple casualties in syria who responded to an explosion. >> >> an explosion into a serious areas have calls injuries. the target it forces and these explosions were started because of clashes. >> thousands of muslims are demonstrating in the egyptian capital. there are demanding that the constitution--conservative stated that they want the ruling of the islamic law to be the main focus. some fear that this will limit-- >> the vatican court convicted a computer technician because he leaked confidential information. he was gone guilty of helping a butler still documents and they have corruption about-- the butler is serving an 18 month prison sentence and the other man is only receiving two months. >> it is a 40 1:00 a.m.. >>8:41 a.m.. >> we will take a look at the new james bond movie coming. >> this is an a new show, the that is opening up. this is a show that has a lot to do with street kids and former soldiers. this is a children's charity that he has co-founded. that will benefit from the show and this is quite an amazing show. he will
policy towards syria, his policy toward the iraq war, his effort with afghanistan was all designed to blunt that effort. >> that's true. >> as much as he is committed to process he is also committed to an outcome that means a lot to people. he's dedicated to addressing the jobs crisis. it's profound. he wants comprehensive reform. the rights of women to protect their own bodies. this issue has now been elevated to the point of real political asset for him. >> he connects it to his daughter, his wife, his family. can i just say because this has really bothered me this right after he did his acceptance speech he called john boehner and he called mitch mcconnell and they were asleep and wouldn't come to the phone. >> that was kind of crazy. >> i want to say that is completely unacceptable and disrespectful. they would never do that to bill clinton. what if he was calling to say the bomb has been dropped. what? >> both in the way that he talked about mccain and the way that he talked about romney. one of the things i loved about what he said about romney was he drew it in as a whole fa
up the top line foreign policy issues, like syria and iran, but also others like foreign aid which has a nice rubber duckie on the catalog today. it helps pay our salaries. >> i think bob corker will be interesting as ranking member on foreign relations. he skipped the republican convention this summer to go to the middle east. and he has been doing a lot of traveling. he is super smart about these kinds of things. i think he will try to mold himself a little bit -- not completely, like dick lugar, honestly. he will be against the hawks i think on a number of occasions. we did a story recently about him and we had john mccain talk about how much -- how much he respected and although they did not always see eye to eye. but i think the foreign relations panel in both chambers, sense, i guess, the 1960's, just as not had as much as an impact on what the president does as it used to. if kerry becomes the secretary of state, i guess you end up taking what he was hoping to do -- and at the administration level. but it reiterates what i am saying, which is you can't do much until you are
of the country at the time. >>> dead levi less than raging in syria. car bombs rocking a military base there. activists say at least 20 soldiers were killed. >> heather: no power, no heat, a situation that would surely be an inconvenience to say the at least for most of us. for those who survived hurricane sandy in rockaways, new york, things are more complicated because many are seniors and today they're feeling stranded. dan bowens with our new york fox affiliate, wnyw, has details. >> here in the high-rise in the rockaways, this building hasn't had power since hurricane sandy. there are lots of elderly people living here along with hundreds of others. we're using a flashlight right now to use light to light me up. when the light goes off, to the pitch black, dark, frightening in these hallways. many residents tell us they are very scared and feeling cast off. >> we had to get this from a nursing home. we had to go to a nursing home to bathe, to wash up and stuff so that way we could live and survive. >> we met these two on the first floor of the high-rise. they just filled that suitcase w
. reports this morning say two suicide bombers killed and injured dozens of people in syria. they targeted regime forces. meanwhile, 11,000 refugees have fled, most of them to turkey. they say it's the biggest incident in 20 months of civil war. today is malala day. honoring a 15-year-old who was shot by militants while pressing for girl's education. she is now beginning to walk, talk, and reed which is wonderful news. nearly 90,000 people signed a petition questioning that she receive the noble peace prize. and brace yourself, justin bieber and selena gomez are no longer a super couple. bieber performed at the victoria secret show last week. and he admits to being a little distracted by the models. >> i think we know what doomed the relationship. >> if they can't survive, who can? >>> we're talking about snow this time, not in the northeast, snow in montana. it's the first major storm and it made conditions treacherous. cars and trucks slid off the highways, strong wind and gusts up to 30 miles per hour. we'll start to see that snow push further to the east as we head into this afternoon.
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)